Are you familiar with wall weavings? If not, just type “wall weaving” on Pinterest and prepare to be amazed by this traditional hobby that made a comeback and became quite a trend! Wall weavings, traditionally,  are made of wool threads that are weaved in many different ways and form patterns and shapes. The combinations are literally endless and imagination is the limit.


So, the other day I was trying to think of new ways to recycle wire and other parts I found inside old electronic devises. And suddenly it struck me: why not making geeky wire weavings and turn them into jewelry?

And that’s how I did it

I used a crochet hook and wire. TIP: The thinner the wire, the easier would be for you to crochet it.

For the first two projects I used copper wire I found inside old cables and for the third, silver plated wire I bought from the crafts’ store.

I started by crocheting the wire in the same way I would crochet yarn. I crocheted a simple single-crochet pattern and made some rows. You can make as many rows as you want or experiment with different shapes. I made two square-shaped crochets and one “pizza” shaped.

When I was satisfied with the shapes I made, I cut cables in small pieces and used them to make “tassels” at the bottom of the crochet. Then, I collected cables, screws, gears and other small items I found inside old devices, and started to weave them on my crochet using more wire and cables. You can free your imagination and combine different colors, shapes and materials. Everything can be used to create interesting patterns and textures. I even used small circuitboard pieces!

When I was done, I weaved a safe pin on the top and transformed my weavings into unique brooches!

Here are some before’n’after photos of my projects. Hope you find them interesting and helpful! Don’t hesitate to get inspired and make your own!

Pendant Crochet


Brooch Crochet No1


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Brooch Crochet No2


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I would love to see what you create!

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