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Have you ever wondered how to make a piece of jewelry more interesting and cute?
The answer is TASSELS!
Whether it’s a boho necklace or a smart bracelet, a tassel will make it more interesting and classy! You can choose through a huge variety of threads and strings and color combinations, the possibilities are literally endless.

And there is no cutter charm than a teeny tiny little tassel!

In today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to make your own tiny tassels. It is extremely easy and the items you’ll need are already laying somewhere around your house!

So, choose your favourite color and follow me:

Tiny tassel DIY Tutorial

And that’s it!

Now you know how to make your handmade accessories, pop!

If you liked and tried this tutorial, please tell me your opinion in the comments. I will also love to see a photo of what you created!

Till the next tutorial, have fun & be creative!


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  • Anne says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial!

    Can you please explain how you finished the wrap around part of the tassel (steps 5 + 6) more thoroughly? What kind of knot did you use?


    • Thank you for your comment Anne! I used the simplest kind of knot, not sure if it has a name, but what I did was I wrapped the thread around the tassel so as to make a loop and then passed the thread through the loop. Hope it makes sense! I’ll be more than happy to answer if you have more questions.

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